The Care ministry is being developed to empower those within the church share, connect, and support one another in practical and meaningful ways beyond the four walls of CFG on Sunday. From outreach and community care initiatives to hospital visitations, to helping families and individuals in need, there are lots of ways to get involved. As a family, we are called to use our various skills, talents and gifts to build each other up and see one another grow and flourish. Let's help each other thrive and have our everyday practical needs met by God through the willing hands and hearts of our CFG family.

One of the first steps we’ve taken is the development of a Facebook group where you can engage with others on sharing needs, initiatives, and ways to support those inside and outside the church. Click the link below to join.




If you are aware of a family or single that is in need at this time, please complete the form below and submit it before November 24th. Priority will be given to those who call the church their home followed by an effort to meet the needs of those outside the church as well. Acts 4:33-34 says “And God’s Grace was so powerfully at work in them all, that there were no needy persons among them.” and this passage inspires us to see a community where that could indeed be said.